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TimTam Pulse Massager

34.490 kr. m/vsk.

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Öflug ný viðbót við líkamsþjálfun þína og bata. TimTam Pulse Massager gerir þjálfunina þína enn betri. 

Hægt að tengja við app. 

A totally wire-free and compact TENS device for on-the-go pain relief and faster recovery. Using the Pulse Massager you can:

RECOVER ANYWHEREThe Pulse is tiny – it’s barely bigger than a dollar coin and weighs less than an ounce. Use it in the gym, at home or even on-the-go.

TREAT ANY PART OF THE BODYWith 16 simple to select programs, the app will show you where to apply the Pulse, then select your intensity and time.

RECOVER WITHOUT WIRESUnlike most TENS devices, there are no complicated wires, control boxes or electrodes – just one tiny but powerful device, controlled by your smartphone.

TRAIN HARDER AND MORE OFTENElectric Muscle Stimulation improves blood flow, allowing your muscles to recover better and faster from training.

CONTROL USING YOUR SMARTPHONEThe Pulse is controlled using the easy to use Smartphone app – just press the button to connect then choose your area, massage type, intensity and time.

RELIEVE PAINScientific studies have shown that TENS devices can reduce pain from injuries. The ultra-powerful Pulse has 15 intensity levels to treat even the most severe pain.

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Manual má finna hér:   https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1274/4537/files/TimTam_Pulse_Manual_3.pdf?11587